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Enjoy History Told in Captivating, Positive, and Thrilling Way!

History doesn’t have to be simply dates and times to be memorized for the next test in school. Right now, there is a renewed interest in history and for many good reasons.  History documents our past, helps us understand change, and connects us to our roots.  And, when the retelling is done well, it can be meaningful, riveting and educational, too.

The Splendid and The Vile is all those things.  Written by Erik Larson, this New York Times best seller is non-fiction that reads like fiction!

The story begins during Winston Churchill’s first year in office as Hitler was rising to power and England needed a leader to confront the rising evil. Not only does Churchill teach the British people “the art of being fearless”, Larson describes the intimate domestic drama happening inside Churchill’s country estate: How his wife Clementine shames an offensive dinner guest, Charles de Gaulle; his daughter Mary parties the nights away until her favorite club gets bombed; how the prime minister starts his days drinking whisky in bed while dictating to a group of typists; his irresponsible son Randolph and his wife, Pamela who has an affair with a handsome American.  But his family turmoil doesn’t impede his ability to be the leader Britain needs as he unifies the country with his pragmatism, courage, and character.

In The Splendid and The Vile, Larson has provided a fascinating look at Churchill’s great leadership and his eccentric family during the terrible months starting in May 1940 when German bombs fell.  His storytelling takes us out of the political dysfunction we’re currently experiencing and gives us a positive portrayal of a significant historical time.  You’ll love this gripping, powerful, and exciting account!  Download it and start listening now!

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