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Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Series – The Books, the Show, and More

Everything You Want to Know About Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Series

Fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series have two reasons to celebrate right now.

First, Child’s latest book, Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel, was released on October 29.

The second bit of good news: Those who love the Jack Reacher series and Amazon Prime television are getting a dream come true. Nick Santora, the creator of the television series Scorpion, is going to adapt the Jack Reacher series for TV. (The new Amazon series doesn’t have a release date yet.)

How did Lee Child start this popular series? Will Tom Cruise be back as the title character?

Here’s everything readers need to know about Lee Child and the Jack Reacher series.

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Series – From Books to Movies and Beyond

So, just who is Lee Child and how did he get the inspiration for such an incredibly intense series?

Child was born in Coventry, Warwickshire, England in 1954. His younger brother, Andrew, is also a mystery-thriller writer. Great writing genes run in the family!

Mr. Child got his start in television broadcasting but became “redundant” due to restructuring in his company in the mid-1990s. He decided to become a novelist as they are, according to Child, “the purest form of entertainment.”

His first novel was Killing Floor, also the first in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. With the success of his novel, Child moved to the United States to continue his writing career.

Each year, on the anniversary of the loss of his broadcasting job, Child writes the next installment of his Jack Reacher stories. The Reacher stories are considered by Child to be revenge stories. On the surface, someone does something evil and Jack Reacher takes revenge. On a deeper level, each story is, in a way, a form of revenge for Child losing his job. What greater revenge can someone have than becoming incredibly successful?

No one would claim that Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series is “great literature,” including Child himself. These books are written in a much more commercial fashion on purpose. Child wants to maintain the profitability of his work – and so far, he’s proven successful with 24 Reacher books having been written, two movies made, and a TV show in the works.

The question many people have about how this series will move forward is: Will Tom Cruise return as Jack Reacher? Unfortunately for Tom Cruise fans, Cruise will no longer play this character. However, an actor for the television series has yet to be announced.

Lee Child’s Latest Book: 2019s Jack Reacher Blue Moon

Lee Child’s latest book in 2019 is Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher novel.

What new dangers will be faced by Jack Reacher in Blue Moon? In this story, Reacher helps an elderly couple who have made some mistakes, well-meaning though they may be. While trying to protect them from the evil thugs they owe money to, Reacher ends up being a wanted man. Not only that, but he now finds himself in the middle of a gang war.

Reacher doesn’t just have one nemesis in Blue Moon – he must deal with assassins, loan sharks, and gang members, all of whom would love to see him dead. Will the American James Bond survive?

How does Blue Moon compare to Lee Child’s books in 2018? If history is anything to go by, this book will be just as popular, if not more so, than previous installments in this series. As it is, the book was released just over a month ago and it’s already a New York Times bestseller.

While this particular story likely won’t be made into a Jack Reacher series movie, there is a possibility that the storyline will be used for an episode or season-long storyline in the upcoming television show.

Jack Reacher Books in Reading Order

Though it may be hard to believe from the standpoint of a Lee Child fan, there are people who haven’t read Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. They may, however, be familiar with the character due to the movies with Tom Cruise.

Fans of the movies will likely devour the books once they start reading them. Though these books can be enjoyed individually, there are some threads connecting the stories that make reading the series in order pretty important.

Here are the Jack Reacher books in reading order.

For anyone interested in reading the Lee Child Jack Reacher series, they’ll be happy to know that all the books in this series have received at least four out of five stars on Goodreads. In fact, many of them have received 4.25 or higher scores. These books are engaging and entertaining – something readers won’t be able to put down once they get started.

Why Crime Thrillers on Audiobook Are Even More Exciting

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The great thing about audiobooks is that they make the reading experience so much richer. When readers read a book, they get to imagine the scenery and what the characters look like. Yes, the author helps a bit to be sure, but the imagination quickly takes over and creates a vision that movies sometimes can’t live up to.

When readers add audio to the experience, it makes the story really come alive in their minds. They get more emotionally invested in the characters and the story. The villains become more menacing and the heroes become more swoon-worthy.

Readers can take their reading experience to a whole new level with the aid of an exciting audiobook.

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  1. In speaking about the Jack Reacher series on Audio Books, it is important to mention the reader, or in this case the performer who is the “Voice” of Jack Reacher, Dick Hill… He has read all of the books to me and kept me constantly immersed in the storyline and action… His voice inflections and tone capture Reacher’s quite confidence and at times, his swagger… Seldom has an author stayed loyal to one performer in such a long series… Baldacci stayed with Scott Brick a long time, but the recent novels have had other readers, and in my humble opinion, suffer… Dick Hill is Jack Reacher… Tom Cruise is not… you can bet the new actor will be taller than Cruise’s diminutive 5 foot 8 inches…

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