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Want to Reach Your Goals? New Year’s Resolution Books That Will Help

New Year’s Resolution Books to Help You Be the Best You Can Be in 2020

The new year is almost here – a new decade is just around the corner and people are really feeling the excitement.

Now, more than ever before, people are ready to set some big New Year’s resolutions. Their hope is that the goals will help them create a healthier, happier, and more vibrant year, giving them a good start to the decade ahead.

Fortunately, there are plenty of New Year’s resolution books that can help ensure they’re successful with their goals.

At Audiobook Store, people will be able to find New Year’s resolution books for children and adults – and on topics that relate to nearly every goal a person can have.

New Year’s Resolution Books That Will Help Readers Reach Their Goals

Wondering what books to read for a New Year’s resolution? Look no further. Below are a few of the audiobooks that readers can access, which will help them achieve whatever goal they set their mind to achieve.


More people than ever before are jumping on the entrepreneurial bandwagon. Such a leap of faith doesn’t come without a fear factor, though, so it’s important that people who have this goal do their best to prepare for both the successes and failures that come with running a business. These are some books that can help.

  • Atomic Habits: To create an amazing life and business, good habits are a must – but they can be so hard to form. It seems that it’s even harder to break bad habits. Utilizing information based on neuroscience, this book provides easy, practical tips that help people establish good habits for success.
  • Relentless: What does it take to be unstoppable, to not bow to pressure, but rather, to thrive under it? Relentless shows readers how to trust their instincts and adapt to any situation, so that they can not just be good in business, but so that they can achieve greatness!

Health, Diet, and Exercise

Health and fitness goals are the most common New Year’s resolutions. According to an Inc.com poll of approximately 2000 people, over 70% of them listed eating a healthier diet as their top resolution. The following books will help.

  • The Bulletproof Diet: Dietary changes aren’t easy. It doesn’t take long before the willpower peters out and people are back to eating the same old foods that lead to feeling sluggish and gaining weight. The Bulletproof Diet is one of the best books to read for New Year’s resolution achievement. The eating program promises to lead to rapid weight loss and improved performance – without people feeling like they’re starving.
  • Living with a SEAL: Looking for some workout motivation? There’s nothing like hearing the story of people who push their bodies to the max to inspire action. In this story, the author trains with a Navy SEAL for a month. It’s not only the ultimate New Year’s resolution book for getting out of a comfort zone – it’s a fun read, too.

Learning New Skills

Learning a new skill can help a person land their dream job, reduce their risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s down the road, and is just plain fun. Here are a couple of books that can help encourage this type of learning. These books are also great options for setting New Year’s resolutions for elementary school kids. The more they learn now, the better they’ll be set up for the future.

  • A Mind for Numbers: Not everyone is able to grasp mathematical concepts, which can be frustrating no matter what age a person is. Thankfully, there are New Year’s resolution books like this one that lets the reader in on the secrets of learning topics such as math and science. Plus, the author is someone who started out failing math class but found a way to succeed and eventually became an engineering professor. If she can do it – anyone can.
  • The Tell-Tale Brain: What is it that makes one person unique from everyone around them? This is the topic of The Tell-Tale Brain, a book that gives readers a glimpse into everything from uniqueness to self-awareness.


To live a happy, productive life, it’s important for people to learn more about themselves and how to improve their lives. Self-help books can help them do that.

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: How are people supposed to live a happy, blessed life when so many things in life get screwed up. Life is hard and positive thinking isn’t always the best solution. Mark Manson explains that people need to start embracing their fears and stop avoiding their problems. Only then will they be able to live their lives with courage and yes, with happiness.
  • You Are a Badass: Too many people don’t recognize their own awesomeness. They’re bogged down by insecurities that hold them back. Author Jen Sincero shows readers how awesome they are and walks them through steps that will help them love who they are, warts and all, so they can live a happy, fulfilling life.

A Worthy New Year’s Resolution: Read More Books in 2020

A great resolution to set for the new year is to read more. It doesn’t matter the type of book someone wants to read – the important thing is that they start reading. Too many people either don’t make time for reading or shy away from it altogether.

What are the benefits of reading? Reading has been shown to:

What about listening to audiobooks? Does that count? Absolutely!

Not only do audiobooks provide many of the same benefits as physically reading a book, but audiobooks can also be beneficial for people who:

  • Are far too busy to sit down with a book 
  • Struggle with reading
  • Have working-memory issues
  • Struggle with comprehension

The new year is almost here. It’s a fresh slate, an ideal time for people to establish some new habits that benefit them for years to come. Reading/listening to more audiobooks is as good for a person’s brain as exercise is for their body and should be at the top of their 2020 New Year’s resolution list.

Is reading more books one of your goals for 2020 but you aren’t sure where to start? How would you like some guidance? Check out our selection of books that come highly recommended from Reese Witherspoon’s book club to find your next read.  

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